Thursday, November 29, 2012

One True Statement

As I was going threw my Pinterest tonight I came across a pin that said "35 things you will never see again if you were born in the 90's" me being a 90's kid I wanted to take a peak. As I was read I came across a picture from Boy's meet World, a childhood show and this is what the picture said.....
This picture and the saying has really touched me because it is true. There is one man in my life that has proved to me that this saying is more than true someone that I don't look at any different then I do his son "who is my blood." Saying this is just taking my breath away this man has not only been there for me and my siblings  or Kelly's kids, but for my daughter and more importantly he was and is there for my mom and her sister and brother. This is a man that drove me to Maryland just so I could see my uncle his third child graduate from college. Now, I know that he probably won't read this and honestly I don't mind that at all. I just want other people who do come across this blog or who follow my blog already to know that it takes a true man to do what he did. That isn't my full story to tell but what I will say is, God couldn't have let a better man into my aunt's or my mothers life. This is a man that I look up to a man that I hope one day I find for my own children, not only does he look at EVERY single one of us the same he also is a man that is true to his word and a follower of Christ. I have a saying that I try to go by when looking for a guy (now yes sometimes I do get distracted and lose my faith and turn the other way but still) it says "A women's heart should be so hidden in God that a man must first seek God to find her." That is a true statement and it follows with him very well. I just know that one day I will find my "Bob" and when that day comes I know I will feel just like my Mom-Mom did when she found hers and just like my mom and aunt did when they found him as well. I even use a famous statement of his every night with Alaina at dinner that has always stuck with me "it's fine if you don't want to eat your dinner but you can go right up to bed because you won't have enough energy to play" something he still tells us to this day. I just hope he knows how much he is loved by all his kids and his grandchildren and well his grandchildren too. I want everyone to know YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE BLOOD TO BE FAMILY!!! I just hope he knows that he is family and I wouldn't trade a day without him for anything.

Pop-Pop, thank you for always being there for us and loving us unconditionally you are a real man.

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